Wednesday Pays Tribute To Lurch’s Most Iconic Addams Family Line

Wednesday season 1 pays tribute to the most iconic line spoken by Lurch in the original Addams Family sitcom. While the kooky characters have been around since Charles Addams’ cartoons in the 1930s, the Addams family truly became a pop culture phenomenon during the original dark sitcom.Tim Burton’s Wednesday makes it a priority to pay homage to the classic iterations of the Addams Family that came before, including one of the sitcom’s most famous lines spoken by the Addamses’ spooky butler Lurch.

Why Doesn’t Lurch Speak In The Wednesday Show?

In The Addams Family sitcom, Lurch was a man of very few words, which is part of why his frequent “you rang” line became so famous. Netflix’s Wednesday takes this trait to another level by only having Lurch communicate through grunts. Considering Lurch only appears in a few scenes of Wednesday season 1 when dropping off the Addamses at Nevermore Academy and later picking Wednesday up in the finale, it’s not surprising that the character had no dialogue. Lurch’s lack of interest in speaking also contributes to his gloomy demeanor, with the gothic Wednesday Addams likely preferring the silence on their drives together.

How Netflix’s Wednesday Still Honors The Original TV Show & Movies

Wednesday season 1 features plenty of Easter eggs and references to the original Addams Family sitcom and the 1990s movies. In addition to Tyler’s “You rang?” quote, Wednesday season 1 repeats the iconic Thanksgiving speech from Christina Ricci’s Wednesday in 1993’s Addams Family Values movie. The Netflix series also has subtle Easter eggs to the original sitcom sprinkled throughout, such as a flashback featuring the guillotine Wednesday used to cut off her dolls’ heads.


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