Wednesday Already Hinted At How To Solve Thing’s Biggest Mystery

Wednesday season 1 hints at how the title character can finally solve The Addams Family’s oldest mystery regarding Thing. When Enid meets the Addams family’s loyal living hand Thing (played by Victor Dorobantu), she asks what happened to the rest of him. Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams responds that she has no idea where the rest of Thing’s body is, as it remains one of the oldest Addams family mysteries. Since Wednesday already solved a huge Addams family murder mystery in season 1 of the Netflix series, the truth of what happened to Thing’s body could be her next big case.

Has The Addams Family Ever Revealed Thing’s Origins?

It’s possible that the rest of Thing’s body is still alive, and that one Addams family member discovered the chopped-off hand and reanimated it.

How Thing Came Back To Life In Wednesday

In Wednesday season 1, episode 7, the title character discovers that someone has stabbed and killed Thing in her room. The 16-year-old Wednesday Addams immediately takes Thing to Fester, who is able to bring him back to life after numerous attempts of using his electricity. Fester’s ability to shock Thing back to life indicates that some type of heart or physical life source is what keeps the hand alive, and that he can be resurrected again should he be attacked in Wednesday’s future.


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