How Wednesday’s Uncle Fester Compares To The Movie Character

Wednesday, Netflix’s latest twist on The Addams Family franchise, depicted the family’s kooky Uncle Fester in a starkly different light than did the 1991 film. The film featured Christopher Lloyd in the role of Uncle Fester, while Wednesday cast Fred Armisen as Wednesday’s beloved uncle. Wednesday’s reimagining of Uncle Fester contrasted with the depiction of Fester as a suspicious interloper in the 1991 film.

Who Plays Uncle Fester In Netflix’s Wednesday

Fred Armisen plays Uncle Fester in Wednesday. Audiences may best recognize Armisen from his starring roles in Portlandia and SNL. With his esteemed reputation for his ability to disappear into unusual and exaggerated characters, Armisen was a strong choice for the notoriously unique role of Uncle Fester.

Wednesday’s Uncle Fester Electricity Powers Explained

In Wednesday, it remained unclear whether Fester acquired his powers or was born with them, as the rest of the family was depicted as having been born with supernatural gifts. Fester ostensibly didn’t attend Nevermore, home to every species of outcast, because he didn’t possess the academic aptitude. Fester did mention group electroshock therapy sessions during his time in Zurich which may have been a subtle reference to the origin of his powers.

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