Who is Goody Addams in ‘Wednesday?’ The family’s witch ancestor, explained

On top of learning the murderous conspiracy of Gomez and Morticia’s teenage years, the Tim Burton-directed show also introduces essentially the original Addams family member, Goody Addams.

Jenna Ortega pulls a dual role as Goody, who may appear to be the opposite of Wednesday with her blonde hair, but she actually shares much in common with her descendant. Throughout the season, we learn more and more about Goody and the truth about Jericho, the town which is home to Nevermore Academy, the school for supernaturally gifted outcasts that Wednesday attends, but if you’ve still got questions about this fascinating family member then keep reading for some answers.

Goody, the original Addams, explained

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In Wednesday’s case, that’s her ancient ancestor, Goody Addams. Although she failed to prevent him from murdering her family, Goody was able to entrap Crackstone in a tomb with a bloodlock, meaning only one of her bloodline could free him.

Unfortunately, in the present day, Crackstone’s own descendant, Laurel Gates (masquerading as Nevermore teacher Miss Thornhill), uses Wednesday’s blood to release Joseph in order to complete his mission to wipe out all outcasts. We’ll have to see what’s next for the Addams clan, both alive and dead, if and when Netflix does the smart thing and announces a second season.

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