Dua Lipa just wore our favourite tiny bikni of the year and it’s made of Care Bears

One of the low-key, unfortunate side effects of social media (other than it being pretty overwhelming and anxiety-inducing sometimes) is the envy that arrives every year when the Northern Hemisphere’s summer rolls around. While we only wear sweaters and pyjama sets, our friends across the pond are getting vitamin D and enjoying the freedom of summer clothes, especially tiny bikinis. And we think Dua Lipa is the girl who is killing it.

Dua Lipa’s new bikini has not just pink, not just crochet, and not just Care Bears, but all three. The “Future Nostalgia” singer posted some selfies of her Care Bear-themed fashion masterpiece on Instagram. It’s about as kitschy and silly as it is… kinda cute. It’s our favourite summer swimwear look we’ve seen so far, especially with Lipa’s cute plaits.


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While probably not the most practical thing in the world⁠—we imagine crochet would feel kinda soggy after a swim⁠—Lipa’s swimsuit is certainly a bold summer look. Created by the Italian streetwear label GCDS and available in three sweet colours, Lipa’s bikini features handmade Care Bears covering the essential bits and actually has a pretty sweet story behind it.

Care Bears were a favourite childhood TV show of Giuliano Calza, the designer behind GCDS. It seems that his trip to Japan gave him the idea for the Care Bear bikini. “I was in a small town outside of Tokyo looking for old toys when I saw this old, faded Care Bears poster with the slogan, ‘I guess everybody stopped caring,'” he said.

“It broke my heart to think that my favourite cartoon character had been forgotten as I grew up, so I made this piece to remind myself of how happy I was when I was a kid watching Care Bears on TV and to give my audience a moment of happiness.” Thank you, Giuliano, we do feel the joy.

Lipa’s actually a good friend of the nostalgia designer who says, “she just gets me.” She also seems to get the appeal of a bikini that makes a statement but isn’t too plain. Earlier while she was in quarantine, Lipa posted a selfie of herself relaxing in a multicoloured Ack dress that looked like something from a disco.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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