Wednesday Season 2 Needs To Answer 1 Gomez Question

Netflix’s Addams Family spin-off Wednesday has explored the titular character to a much deeper level, but season 2 of Wednesday needs to answer one mystery about Gomez Addams.  Wednesday pays homage to Addams Family creator Charles Addams’ original cartoons, but the biggest change was the introduction of powers, which all the outcasts at Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy have.

Wednesday Season 2 Needs To Address Gomez’s Powers

As powers are new to the Addams family universe, there is no prior indication as to what Gomez’s powers are, and Wednesday season 2 needs to address Gomez’s power mystery.

What Powers Gomez Could Have In Wednesday

However, although Morticia has psychic powers, Wednesday seems to have a stronger link to her ancestor Goody Addams which is Gomez’s lineage. This could suggest that Gomez also has some form of psychic ability.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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