Wednesday Season 1’s Villain Twist Creates A Huge Nevermore Mystery

After revealing that Tyler is the Hyde monster, Wednesday’s villain twist also sets up a mystery regarding his mother’s time at Nevermore Academy. In addition to confirming that Ms. Thornhill is actually the killer mastermind Laurel Gates, Wednesday’s ending reveals that Tyler isn’t actually a normie, but an outcast species called a Hyde. Wednesday discovers that Tyler’s mother Francois was also a Hyde who attended Nevermore Academy with Morticia and Gomez, and that her condition became dangerous after Tyler was born.

Since Tyler inherited his Hyde from his mother, he likely has more family members with the same condition. If so, they may be ones responsible for the species’ expulsion from Nevermore 30 years ago.

Wednesday Season 2 Needs To Reveal The Hydes’ Nevermore History

While Netflix has yet to renew Wednesday season 2, The Addams Family show’s record-breaking success on the streamer essentially guarantees another installment. Wednesday season 2 still has plenty of mysteries for Wednesday Addams to solve, with a pressing matter being the full extent of Hydes’ history at Nevermore Academy.

The final scene in Wednesday’s season 1 ending sees Tyler turn into his Hyde again, hinting he may be able to escape captivity. If so, it’s imperative that Wednesday discovers all she can about his species’ history, thus learning from where Nevermore failed with isolating Hydes 30 years ago. In Wednesday season 2, the new Nightshades can pick up where Morticia’s generation left off in trying to have more control over the treatment of Hydes, perhaps even finding a way to safely reinstate them at Nevermore.


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