Wednesday Just Set Up The Perfect Addams Family Spinoff


Wednesday season 1’s flashbacks set up the perfect Addams Family spinoff series. However, Netflix is taking a new direction with the iconic franchise, as Tim Burton’s Wednesday breaks away from the family unit to focus on the coming-of-age story of the gothic Wednesday Addams. Since Wednesday is a brilliant way to better explore individual members of the beloved macabre family, it’s likely that future spinoffs about different Addams Family characters will follow.

How A Morticia & Gomez Addams Spinoff Could Work

A Morticia and Gomez spinoff could be a continuation of Wednesday’s flashbacks to their time as Nevermore students, following their supernatural origins, Morticia’s reputation as the school’s queen bee, Gomez as the stud who Larissa Weems had a crush on, and their role in Garrett Gates’ 1990 death. Wednesday explains that Gomez and Morticia were even more in love with each other as teenagers, so The Addams Family could finally explore their love story and how they met at Nevermore.

Why The Addams Family Needs A Prequel Show

Throughout different decades, each Addams Family adaptation has taken place during the same era in the family’s history, so the franchise could use a refreshing change by going back to its origins.




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