Reese Witherspoon Reacts To Wednesday’s Legally Blonde Horror Reference

Reese Witherspoon is reacting to Wednesday’s Legally Blonde horror reference.The film’s exuberance, along with Elle’s distinct personality and fashion sense, represent the complete opposite of Wednesday Addams’ (Jenna Ortega) character, as audiences found out in episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now.” Tyler (Hunter Doohan) prepared a date for Wednesday at Crackstone’s crypt and upon asking her how she felt about scary movies, played Legally Blonde.

Wednesday Has Fun With Its Lead’s Personality

Most people associate Wednesday Addams with her unique personality, drawn to dark and mysterious things, and often unbothered by others’ feelings.  From the very first episode, Wednesday reveals that she does not use technology or social media, referring to the latter as a “soul-sucking void.”

Will Wednesday Get A Season 2?

Given the recent success of Wednesday, and the way in which it ended, it seems likely that Netflix would renew it for a second season. The fan engagement has been impressive, with many taking to social media like Reese Witherspoon to share their favorite moments or reactions to certain characters and scenes.


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