Netflix’s Wednesday Blooper Reel Is Mostly Jenna Ortega Being Too Happy

The Wednesday blooper reel takes viewers behind the scenes of the Jenna Ortega-led series with charming moments from several cast members. Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán as Gomez, and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, the gothic series contains an entertaining and eclectic mix of comedy, mystery, and supernatural elements as Ortega’s character attempts to adjust to her new boarding school, Nevermore Academy. Since Ortega’s debut as the iconic character Wednesday Addams in November, she has earned plenty of acclaim for her portrayal of the gothic teen.

Will There Be A Wednesday Season 2?

In addition, Miles Millar, one of the co-creators of Wednesday, has teased possible plot points for season 2, indicating that there are currently plans for up to four seasons. One potential obstacle standing in the way of Wednesday’s renewal is Netflix’s notorious habit of canceling shows after just one or two seasons, despite their sometimes devoted fan bases.


Though Wednesday has yet to be renewed, it’s unlikely to suffer the fate of other popular Netflix series such as First Kill or I Am Not Okay With This. Unlike many of the canceled shows, Wednesday has earned heavy promotion from the streaming service, indicating that the streamer has significantly invested in building and maintaining a fan base for the series. Additionally, the record-breaking viewership numbers boasted by Wednesday so soon after it premiered bode extremely well for its longevity. In terms of whether the cast will sign on for season 2, the new blooper reel shows they clearly had fun making Wednesday, making it likely that the majority will return for the next installment.

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