Every Upcoming Jenna Ortega Movie & TV Show

Ortega has appeared in 40 different projects prior to her lead role on Wednesday according to her IMDB page, varying from voice acting, to leading roles, and guest characters. Given her many talents, it is no surprise that Ortega already has other projects in the works.

Scream 6

In 2022, Ortega portrayed the character Tara in Scream and will be reprising the role in a larger capacity in 2023’s Scream 6. Known for its meta approach to horror, Scream 6 is another installment of a revival of the original franchise and is the sixth installment of the Ghostface franchise. Ortega teased that Tara will be more developed in the sequel and she is excited to give her some more personality after the last movie didn’t allow much room for that.


The movie will be set in Boston and follow two brothers who reunite as adults one summer, only to get tangled up in a dangerous crime scandal.

Miller’s Girl

A departure from the thriller/horror genre, Ortega is currently filming Miller’s Girl which is a comedy/drama surrounding a gifted student. Given her real-life talents that came to light after Wednesday, such as Ortega learning to play cello, choreographing Wednesday’s dance herself, and more, it would be interesting to see her portraying a talented student.

Wednesday Season 2

The first season of Wednesday broke viewership records, which means that it is just a matter of time before Netflix announces a second season. Of course, Ortega would be back to play the title character and continue the storyline with the Addams family. Tim Burton’s take on the story has resonated well with audiences and shot Ortega into the spotlight, so many are hopeful that Wednesday season 2 will come sooner rather than later.


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