6 stunning images of Jenna Ortega in new hair cut

Jenna ortega is a young actress who has been in the entertainment industry for a few years. Recently, she posted some new photographs of herself on social media with a new hair cut. The images are absolutely stunning! Jenna is standing in front of a large window with natural light coming in. Her hair is cut into a short bob and styled in loose waves. She looks beautiful and confident!

Absolutely Stunning

Ⓒ photo: Getty Images

She looks like a fairy princess with her new haircut! The shorter length really suits her!

Winged Liner

Ⓒ photo: Getty Images

She’s also rocking some seriously bold brows in the photos, which really makes her eyes pop.

Short bob and Styled in loose waves

Ⓒ photo: Getty Images

Jenna is once again sitting down but this time we can see her full head of wavy hair. This image is definitely my favorite because it shows off Jenna’s gorgeous hair!

Beautiful Black dress

Ⓒ photo: Getty Images

Jenna Ortega always looks stunning whenever she styled differently..

Jenna choppier layers

Ⓒ photo: Getty Images

Fans have been flooding Ortega’s comments section with compliments, and it’s clear that they are big fans of her new look. One user wrote, “You are so beautiful inside and out,” while another said, “This haircut looks amazing on you!” We couldn’t agree more!

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Author: Seebal Rana

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