Wednesday Flipped The Entire Point Of The Addams Family (But That’s Good)

Netflix’s Wednesday undoes a defining element of The Addams Family, but this change makes sense for the supernatural story. Wednesday introduces a new take on the iconic spooky characters, as Netflix’s dark coming-of-age series marks the first time one of The Addams Family characters has received their own spinoff. Wednesday’s story is very different from past Addams Family adaptations, not simply by making the family more emotionally complex, but also by placing them in a world where they’re not particularly “odd.”

Why Wednesday Misses A Key Part Of The Addams Family’s Appeal

Instead of simply presenting the Addamses as an unwelcome supernatural family navigating the “normal” world, Wednesday takes this theme further by giving them a larger community. Gomez and Morticia Addams’ family is just one of many outcast groups in the world, which flips the original premise by emphasizing that they’re not as unique as expected.

The Nevermore Setting Makes More Sense For This Version Of Wednesday

As a more emotionally complex character, giving this Wednesday a safe space in which she can feel somewhat “normal” amid her fellow outcasts is important. Wednesday’s story also highlights the battle between outcasts and normies, so while Wednesday Addams still sticks out, Nevermore Academy’s setting finally gives her allies who experience similar bigotry.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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