Megan Fox Turns Up The Heat As She Goes Completely Topless

Megan Fox has been a hottie since her Transformers day and she isn’t stopping even now. The actress shows off her curvaceous body on Instagram and doesn’t shy away from going topless as well.

She recently did the same in her fresh batch of Halloween photos, where she went completely topless and just covered her nipples with her hands.

The actress wore what looks like a velvety grey skirt underneath and put her blonde locks down while staring sultrily at the camera.

In another Halloween photo she wore a Zelda costume with her partner MGK. It featured a tight red corset that was on the verge of spilling out her tits.

She paired it with a long white skirt that was generously split over her two creamy thighs.

The actress put on thigh high golden laced boots to complete the ensemble.

Megan has modeled in lingerie countless times so she’s comfortable showing off her assets.

In one such pic she can be seen in a black lacy lingerie that let her flaunt her generous boobs. In the pic she’s lying down on what looks like soft feathers and showing off her toned legs and waist.

In another photo uploaded on Instagram, the actress is in a black lacy corset that’s giving a dominatrix vibe.

She has a black choker on and the corset is pushing up her jugs. Megan also has on a gold robe that isn’t doing anything to cover her up.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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