Anne Hathaway Shows Off The 8 Designers Who Are Flipping The “Pretty” Script

Since her debut, Anne Hathaway has played fashion elite. From that epic makeover moment in The Princess Diaries (not to mention the corduroy jacket that sparked a million thrifting trips across the country) to The Devil Wears Prada, when she literally plays the gatekeeper to the most powerful fashion editor of that fantasy world in head-to-toe Chanel. Her makeovers have always gone from boring to pretty—flannel, huge sweaters, and knee socks to frills, ruffles, and glitter. In recent years, Anne has proved that there are many ways to be lovely.

In honour of Anne’s on-screen fashion legacy, her real-world perspective about doing things her way, and our UC’s the Fashion Rules ideology, we sH’d Anne in eight designers who might do large frills, big ruffles, and big glitter. but calling them precious is erroneous. Read our Anne interview here, then return to see the fashion looks.

Christian Dior—From the New Look to Raf Simons, Dior has innovated while preserving tradition. Bejeweled gowns and colourful jumpsuits made us feel like superheroes recently.

Margiela—The anonymous designer created a label that keeps you clothed and makes you examine your garments. Margiela’s clothes—even chiffon dresses—are subversive and bizarre.

Chalayan — Using fantastic technology, Hussein Chalayan has long enjoyed mixing soft symbols like florals, silks, and frilliness with its tougher and sharper opposites, such as decay, plastics, and architectural shapes.


Author: Tayyab Aftab

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