Wednesday: What The Most Powerful Outcast Species At Nevermore Is

Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy is home to many powerful supernatural species, but one group of outcasts is stronger than the rest. Throughout Wednesday season 1, the title character’s time at Nevermore Academy sees her introduced to new species, some of which are dangerous and mysterious.

Why Sirens Are Really Stronger Than Hydes

Although the Hyde is Wednesday season 1’s monster villain, the history of the species reveals that they’re not truly the most powerful. Hydes are unpredictable and the extent of their powers is more physical, so without true control over their abilities, they aren’t as formidable and threatening as a highly controlled species like the siren. As far as physically-powerful species go, Hydes appear to generally be stronger than werewolves, yet even Enid – on her first time “wolfing out” – was able to overpower Tyler.

Wednesday Season 2 Can Show The Full Extent Of The Sirens’ Powers

Despite already establishing themselves as Nevermore Academy’s most powerful species, Tim Burton’s Wednesday has still yet to explore the full extent of their strength and abilities. Wednesday only hinted at how Bianca manipulated Nevermore Academy into admitting her, how Bianca’s mother grew a cult membership, and what controlling Xavier’s feelings entails. Wednesday episode 4’s dance scene indicates that sirens can use their songs to both make someone fall in love with them and erase the influence someone has over another person. Psychic manipulation is the siren gift that’s most intriguing, but Wednesday suggests there’s far more about the species to be explored.

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