Scarlett Johansson: When I was younger, I was only chosen for provocative roles

Actress Scarlett Johansson talked about the roles she played in when she was younger. As she said in a recent interview, her previous agency encouraged her to accept roles that were more provocative, with which she broke through to famous and successful actresses.
Scarlett Johansson claims her former team encouraged her to take on more provocative roles at a younger age, paving the way for her to become one of the most successful actresses in the world. As the 38-year-old revealed, she herself did not have much of a say in this, but she also pointed out that this made her even more exposed to objectification.


“Somehow I became this young girl who takes on these roles, but at such a young age, they become an object. This is a fact. Whatever box they put you in, it is a prediction of your future path. Now young women can have more of a say in what direction they take their career,” the actress said during an iHeartRadio podcast conversation with host Bruce Bozzi .

She added that in her late teenage years she herself began to realize her femininity, which did not help her to continue to be placed in a certain frame: “I think I am right because I was put on this path , that’s where I stayed. I was always being raised to be an actress who played provocative roles. I was always playing the other woman who represented the object of desire, so all of a sudden I found myself in a corner that I couldn’t get out of.”


At that time, the young actress quickly realized that it was the roles in which she played that influenced the impression she gave, but it was all short-lived: “I think that an actress who appears in such roles and shines no longer has lots of other options. I felt like I was shutting down fast.”

The star admitted that she had a very difficult time when, at the age of 17, she starred in the film Lost in Translation , in which she appeared alongside Bill Murry : “Our characters have this special relationship, which was very difficult for me. It’s very difficult for me I wanted to be in this movie for a number of different reasons. When we finished, it was like I came out of a weird fever dream.”


Author: Rana Abdullah

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