Mindy Kaling Says Matt Lauer’s ‘Gross’ Comments Made Her Love Anne Hathaway

The “Mindy Project” actress said the key moment happened roughly 10 years ago. Mindy Kaling talked about her affection for Anne Hathaway . “From the age of 18 years old [Hathaway] has been objectified routinely, and despite appreciating her as a performer I’ll tell you when I fell in love with her,” Kaling remarked at Elle’s annual Women in Hollywood Celebration in Los Angeles, according to People magazine.

The “Mindy Project” actor said the key moment was when notorious TV host Matt Lauer made uncomfortable comments about Hathaway about 10 years ago. At the 2012 “Les Misérables” premiere, a paparazzo took an up-skirt photo of Hathaway before her “Today” interview. “On the Today show the next morning, Matt Lauer spoke to her in this chastising, someone-has-been-naughty way, ‘Anne Hathaway I’ve seen a lot of you lately,’” Kaling revealed this week.

Gross. Are you like a lame uncle at Thanksgiving?” she continued. Kaling noted that Lauer implied Hathaway was responsible for the pH’s inappropriateness by asking her what she learned from paparazzi ambushing her. “Annie simply said, ‘It kind of made me sad on two accounts,’” Kaling recalled. One that we live in an age when someone snaps a picture of someone in a vulnerable moment and sells it instead of deleting it. I’m sad we live in a culture that commodifies reluctant participants’ sex.


Author: Tayyab Aftab

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