Wednesday Season 2 Already Has To Break 1 Major Tradition

Wednesday season 2 won’t be able to keep its clever title tradition after the emotional season 1 ending. Every episode of Wednesday season 1 features the word “woe” in its title, which connects to the inspiration behind Wednesday Addams’ name. The subsequent episodes substitute the word “woe” in common phrases or titles from pop culture, such as “Woe What a Night” or “Quid Pro Woe.”

What Wednesday’s Nursery Rhyme Inspiration Really Means

Wednesday Addams’ name inspiration was incredibly fitting for Wednesday season 1’s murder mystery. In the old poem, the line “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” was meant to suggest that children born on a Wednesday would be subject to misery, bad luck, and trouble, which does apply to Wednesday Addams’ characterization when she’s first introduced – despite the fact that she was born on Friday the 13th.

How Wednesday Season 2 Can Keep Its Title Trend

Instead of using “woe” in every episode title for Wednesday season 2, the next installment can use a new gothic theme that applies to the conflict at hand. Since Wednesday season 1 makes plenty of references to Edgar Allen Poe, season 2 could use the names of his poems and stories for episode title inspirations. Season 2 could also use words associated with The Addams Family theme song for episode titles, thus still incorporating the iconic tune without actually including it on Wednesday’s soundtrack. As the characters develop and the tone of the series changes, each season of Wednesday should utilize a different word that connects the episode titles and theme of the story.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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