Anne Hathaway sends fans wild as she stuns in a corset and biker shorts

Hollywood star Anne Hathaway shows she’s a good sport by scoring a touchdown while…skipping!

The 39-year-old posed for the cover of Interview Magazine in an American Football-themed Dior corset with a lace-up front, padded shoulders, and biker shorts. Anne Hathaway is on the cover of Interview Magazine, where she shows off her beautiful body. Twenty-one years after the Princess Diaries made her a star, Anne wowed in a special Dior corset.

The actress also climbed up a rope in a Gucci bodysuit for another sporty shot. Hathaway said that she still likes what Aziz Ansari does as a comedian. It happens even though Ansari was “cancelled” in 2018 because of claims of sexual misconduct. The star of Apple TV+’s WeCrashed will next be seen in the movie Armageddon Time, which is coming out soon.

The 39-year-old star posed in a number of sporty ways. Anne is seen in a Gucci bodysuit climbing up a rope. The beautiful brunette still knows how to score…

Author: Tayyab Aftab

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