Anne Hathaway: ‘Dreams aren’t the only things that can come true’

ANNE HATHAWAY says so. She tells Cole Moreton that she had an army of haters despite her successful movie, loving marriage, and Oscar triumph. PHOTOGRAPHS: CARROZZINI

During our Zoom chat, I see Anne Hathaway, her husband, producer and jewellery designer Adam Shulman, and their two children in their beautiful Central Park residence. She half-jokes, ‘I should have turned the camera to a blank wall,’ but continues, ‘I count myself as incredibly fortunate, because I was not born into this. I hope that gives me perspective and appreciation.

Born in Brooklyn and nurtured in New Jersey, Anne, 39, has been a Hollywood star since 17. She starred in The Princess Diaries, Les Misérables, and WeCrashed, an Apple TV+ series starring Jared Leto.

She plays a real-life woman with a husband named Adam who lives near Anne’s apartment in Manhattan. Adam is strange. We rent. Purchased.

WeCrashed is based on the true story of charming Israeli-born entrepreneur Adam Neumann, who convinced investors to invest billions in his office-space-sharing startup WeWork before it collapsed. Anne explains, ‘That’s hard to believe it all occurred, but it did. I guess that makes it a wonderful story.

Neumann portrays joyful millennials sharing workplace, playing ping pong, sipping free beer, and falling in love. He repeatedly claims WeWork is bigger than it is to attract important investors, until the stock market reveals the truth. He’s living like a rock star and blowing millions. Anne is excellent as his wife and ally Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, a cousin of Gwyneth, who offers flair, yoga, and a remarkable passion to enhance human consciousness. I think Rebekah meant what she said, whatever the results. I don’t think saving the planet and “making a s***-ton of money doing it” is achievable. I hope this helped them grow.

In 2019, WeWork failed to go public, forcing the Neumanns out and laying off over 2,000 workers. Some folks are still outraged that the couple was offered a fortune to leave. ‘We don’t judge. No. Anne responds, “But we don’t let them off either.” WeCrashed is a fascinating drama that acknowledges their wrongdoing. “Fake it till you make it”—saying something you intend to be true that, if it succeeds, nobody questions—intrigues me. We study it when it fails.

Has she lied? ‘ Ang Lee’s last question during my Brokeback Mountain audition was, “Can you ride a horse?” “Yes.” I couldn’t. Smiling. ‘ “I have a few weeks to learn.” Is that short? ‘Ha! No, but I was motivated, worked hard, and learned to bike well enough for the film. Is that true? Not. Is it possible? Yes. Line? When is that a con?

She makes several good points during our time together.

‘Sorry, someone came home. Please wait. I agree, and she returns saying, “It was Jack—I just wanted to give him a kiss before nap time.” Jonathan is six, and Jack is two.

I ask her about the pillow that read “100% that B***h” when she stood up. ‘Oh, ha! Birthday present. I’m happy my pals think so. Her wrist tattoo also shows when her breton-style top sleeves push back. Meaning? Smiling. ‘It matches my hubby.’ She raises her left wrist to exhibit a “W” that turns a “M” upside down. Is she aware of both letters? Yes. So? ‘Many’

They married in California four years after meeting through friends in 2008. ‘He’s my boy,’ she says. I try to be the lady for him, and he always makes me feel that way. We really try for each other. Luckily. I know.



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