2 Wednesday Details Will Make You Hate Tyler Even More

Tyler’s betrayal in Wednesday was a great plot twist but also soured the relationship he and the titular character had developed, and made a previously good character into one audiences love to hate. His monologue in the police station in episode 8 was creepy and showed his true feelings towards Wednesday and how he played her the entire time they knew each other. His coldness towards her, and the way Wednesday was visibly shaken by the information added to the genius of the reveal.

Tyler Was Playing Wednesday All Along While Gaslighting Her

Tyler was playing Wednesday throughout all 8 episodes, but he also managed to gaslight her into a relationship it’s not clear she even wanted. Wednesday made a point to highlight that the eldest Addams family child was meant to be alone and that she enjoyed solitude, but Tyler never respected that. In episode 4, Tyler said that Wednesday was sending him mixed signals, which she wasn’t if her demeanor was any indication. While Wednesday never addresses her romantic feelings toward Tyler, she never gives him the green flag, saying she’s interested.

Why Tyler Deserves The Hate In Wednesday

What Tyler did to Wednesday and her friends at Nevermore is horrifically unforgivable. Not only did he gaslight Wednesday into a relationship she didn’t want, but he also betrayed the trust of all of Wednesday’s friends. Tyler was the reason Xavier was framed and arrested, not to mention that as the Hyde he killed multiple people, including a Nevermore student. Audiences still don’t know the extent of Laurel Gates’ hold over Tyler, but it’s safe to assume that his hatred towards Nevermore was his own, especially after audiences learned what happened to his mother.


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