How Xavier Predicted Wednesday’s Nevermore Arrival

Wednesday season 1 showed how Xavier has psychic powers similar to Wednesday’s, but his drawings suggest he also predicted her arrival at Nevermore. The outcast students at Nevermore all have special abilities, some stronger than others, which is a new addition to the Addams Family universe. Wednesday’s psychic powers are hereditary, with Morticia referencing her own visions. Other characters set up in the show, including Xavier, have yet to have their abilities fully developed or examined.

Xavier has psychic visions like Wednesday, but they’re more powerful, and they come to him in dreams, not by touching something. It is not fully explained, but his visions have some connection to his drawings, which are what spurred his paintings of the Hyde. Xavier also spends a lot of time painting ravens in Nevermore’s quad, and this was focused on heavily throughout the first season of Wednesday but never explored. However, there is a link between Wednesday Addams and ravens that may be significant.

Xavier Had Visions Of Wednesday’s Nevermore Arrival

The focus on the ravens in Wednesday suggests that Xavier had a vision about the title character’s arrival at Nevermore, which is what caused him to paint the birds. Wednesday being referred to as a raven and then Xavier painting ravens as she arrives is not a coincidence. The record-breaking Netflix series even focuses on Xavier and his painting while Wednesday is touring Nevermore. Xavier’s ravens could suggest a connection with Wednesday, especially as they know each other from the past, but it is more likely his psychic dreams show him things that will affect the future, such as the Hyde, and Wednesday’s arrival at Nevermore definitely caused danger at the school.

Why Wednesday Is Referred To As A Raven

Although it is not a huge part of her story, Wednesday is referred to as a raven multiple times in the show. Her mother calls her a raven because of her gloomy and foreboding visions, whereas Morticia’s own visions led to her being referenced as a dove. This would explain why Xavier’s visions showed him a dark raven coming to the outcast-filled Nevermore. Goody Addams also calls Wednesday a raven, and that is in relation to her being a raven psychic, which further emphasizes why she would appear in Xavier’s visions as a raven.


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