Bar Raising Hotness: Alexandra Daddario And Her Bodysuit Looks That Boys Can’t Stop Crushing

If you were asked to state the reasons to love the movie ‘Baywatch’, one of the top reasons among boys would be the sexy ladies running on the beach in their bodysuits. One of those ladies who never fails to attract everyone is the gorgeous Alexandra Daddario.

Her beauty in the movie is something out of the ordinary and it made all her fans go crazy for her all over again. It was her second movie the mighty Dwayne Johnson after staring together in San Andreas which was released in 2015.

Talking about her hotness, she is a natural at that but certain types of outfits bring out her A-game and not to mention her ‘out of the world’ eyes.

Those type of outfits includes bikinis, bodysuits or swimsuits. Some of her best pictures include images of her in pink, blue, red, and off-white bodysuits. Take a look at these images of Alexandra Daddario in some of the sexiest outfits you will ever see:

Recently, Alexandra made a post on Instagram revealing to the public who her partner is. The shared photo included her kissing Andrew Form and all her fans are going nuts over a single post. While for some it is still shocking, some think of it as highly romantic. Alexandra’s upcoming new movies include San Andreas-2, Airbourne, and Happy Life which maybe be delayed due to the Covid-19 situation.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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