Alexandra Daddario Squats For Huge Thigh Gap Yoga

Alexandra Daddario is straining herself to the breaking point and emphasizing her large thigh gap in preparation for a big old yoga practice. The 34-year-old actress and yogi, who has been mostly in the spotlight recently for her bikini action, had things a bit more covered up ahead of the weekend, but it was all body-body from the “Baywatch” bombshell as she enjoyed in a little at-home exercise.


Alexandra, who has a 19 million-strong Instagram following, has already racked up over 1.6 million views for her massive stretch, which is teaching the ‘Gram a few things. Take a look below

Scroll down to view the video. Daddario debuted on YouTube with the above shot last year, and sure, the “True Detective” actress is rather popular in a bikini. Daddario’s film, which was zen-inspired and shot inside, featured her alone on a blue yoga mat surrounded by wood floors, beginning with a huge salutation that swiftly landed the blue-eyed beauty on her belly.

Wearing skin-tight black leggings and a loose top, the stunning model extended upwards and then down, bending over and revealing her big thigh gap while simultaneously chanting COVID in a face mask.

Resuming her upright position, extending her back, and appearing to enter a strenuous balanced posture, the actress took to her caption, simply writing: “Ritual.” The Surya Namaskar sun salutation is also being highlighted in the comments, and the actress is also being referred to as a complete beauty – and don’t assume she does yoga in the conventional sense.

The celebrity, whose Instagram is quirky and features everything from lemon bathrobe plucking to coffee and Scrabble, has admitted she has investigated yoga as a dating option.

Daddario, who admitted to considering using Tinder, told Women’s Health: “But people have recognized me, and it’s embarrassing.” Her apparent remedy was yoga dates.

“I’ve participated in yoga dates with men, which I adore. They may be repulsed by me due to my excessive sweating, but that is how you determine whether they are a keeper.”

Recent headlines, however, have focused on Alexandra’s visit to Hawaii to film her next film “The White Lotus.” Below, view her Bond girl-inspired bikini exit!

Daddario has been updating throughout COVID, even wearing a medical N-95 mask on the beach, which was accompanied by funny references to not wearing pants while Alexandra discussed the realities of the epidemic.

Author: Rana Abdullah

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