Forget Tyler, Wednesday Fans Should Be Calling Out Xavier

Many Wednesday fans are calling out Tyler for sending Wednesday mixed signals, but fans should also be critical of Xavier. Tim Burton’s Wednesday sets up a love triangle between Tyler, Xavier, and Wednesday Addams early in the series. While Wednesday seems to develop feelings for Tyler, she is more interested in solving the Jericho mystery than chasing boys. Nonetheless, the Netflix series teased a romance as much as it teased Xavier being the Hyde. While Wednesday is far from typical, she isn’t safe from the coming-of-age romance formula.Wednesday’s original source may be a comic strip from 1938, but Wednesday Addams is depicted as a modern girl. She is smart and capable, and she doesn’t need a boy to save her.

Xavier Was Also Problematic In Wednesday (Aside From Tyler)

However, Xavier isn’t much better. In addition to his bad attitude, Xavier has a hard time seeing Wednesday’s point of view. There is a lot of evidence connecting Wednesday’s Xavier to the Hyde, such as his accurate paintings of the monster and his suspiciously uncanny timing for showing up after the Hyde’s attacks. Instead of explaining himself clearly, Xavier acts like Wednesday is the problem. Xavier spends the majority of the season annoyed at Wednesday. Yet, he is always hanging around her.

Why Wednesday Season 2 Needs To Fix Xavier

The end of Wednesday depicts Xavier forgiving Wednesday and cementing their friendship for season 2. However, friendship shouldn’t be a conditional relationship, and Xavier treats it as such. What’s more, Xavier gives Wednesday a phone, despite her refusal to be a “slave to technology.” While Xavier may play it off as a selfless deed to allow Wednesday to join the 21st century, this comes with the expectation that she contact him and give him more attention when they return to Nevermore. He may seem over his Wednesday gripe, but he likely still has feelings for her and will possibly act bitter if she finds another love interest in season 2.


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