Wednesday’s Thing Unleashed On NYC Streets In Hilarious Video

Thing from Wednesday takes on New York City in a new Netflix video. The family pet ‘Thing’ has been part of Addams Family lore since Charles Addams’ original body of work. In the 1964 Addams Family television series, Thing appeared as a disembodied forearm, with the creature becoming a disembodied hand in the 1991 movie The Addams Family. Thing’s most recent on-screen appearance took place in the hit Netflix series Wednesday, in which the Addams family pet accompanied the titular character, played by Jenna Ortega, to Nevermore Academy.

Why Thing Was The Perfect Companion For Wednesday

Wednesday sets itself apart from other Addams Family adaptations by focusing solely on the family’s daughter, with other members of the Addams clan having smaller roles. While this resulted in more depth for Wednesday’s character and an intriguing storyline due to the boarding school setting, fans of Addams Family media may have missed the presence of the other beloved family members. As such, the inclusion of Thing in Wednesday provided a familiar presence for viewers as well as a companion to the eponymous character as she adjusted to life at Nevermore, without shifting the focus from Wednesday’s story.

Will Thing Return In Wednesday Season 2?

With Thing officially making out of the season (sort of) intact, it seems likely that the family pet will be back in Wednesday season 2.While Wednesday has not yet been renewed for season 2, the series seems a likely candidate for renewal based on its popularity since being released last week, even beating Stranger Things’ record with global viewing hours during its opening week.

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