Wednesday Addams & The 9 Other Best TV “Dancers,” According To Reddit

There are several memorable parts of Netflix’s Wednesday, including when the beloved character does an intense, fantastic dance at a school event. Jenna Ortega choregraphed the scene, which is impressive and makes it even more fun to watch.

There are many beloved TV characters who are memorable dancers, whether thanks to their talent or the fact that they can’t actually move that well. Redditors are sharing their favorite TV dancers, from Ortega’s take on the Addams teenager to several sitcom characters who enjoy this form of expression.

Wednesday Addams (Wednesday)

Wednesday may not love participating in school events or even being part of regular society. But she has a great time dancing to the song “The Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps in episode 4 called “Woe is the Night.” Redditor FlaveC called it the “Best scene of the series” and Redditor AblativeLaser said of Ortega, “the intensity she brings to that dance is incredible.”

This dance is so fantastic because it’s a shock and comes out of nowhere. Wednesday moves her body and head in surprising ways, staring up at the ceiling and keeping eye contact with Tyler Galpin at various moments. Wednesday has a real talent for confidently throwing herself into whatever she’s doing, like during this dance. Ortega’s Wednesday performance is different from Christina Ricci’s thanks to this fantastic and unique dance.

Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

One Redditor shared that when it comes to the greatest dancers on a TV show, “Can’t beat the Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Carlton Banks is famous for the scene in the season 2 episode “The Christmas Snow.” He walks downstairs, grabs a candle, and moves his body in a particular and specific way to the Tom Jones song “It’s Not Unusual.” Carlton moves in a joyful and confident way, which is why it’s become so beloved.

The Carlton dance has become a huge part of pop culture and Jimmy Fallon has done it in several different episodes. Jabari Banks, who stars in the spin-off Bel-Air, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February 2022 and the two did the dance. Will Smith also did the dance in a 2014 episode.

Elaine Benes (Seinfeld)

Replying in a thread about beloved TV characters who dance, Redditor steebo mentioned “Elaine on Seinfeld.” It’s funny to note that fans know that Elaine Benes is a terrible dancer, but that’s exactly why her scene in the season 8 episode “The Little Kicks” is so popular. Elaine doesn’t realize that she can’t move well and throws herself into the moment, getting lost in the music.

Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza are upset about watching Elaine dance. They feel awkward about not being able to tell her that she actually can’t move very well. It’s not only hilarious seeing Elaine move her legs and arms in a strange way but great to see Jerry struggling to keep this secret from his good friend.

BJ Hunnicutt And Margaret Houlihan (M*A*S*H)

Known for being an emotional series in general, M*A*S*H has a dance scene that is just as somber as it is hopeful. This is one of the saddest TV dances since it’s part of a more serious storyline about love and marriage. In the season 9 episode called “Oh, How We Danced,” BJ Hunnicutt wishes he could be with his wife on their anniversary. Margaret Houlihan wants to cheer him up and dance with him.

Redditor Satures loves this and wrote, “The dance isn’t fancy, but the entire episode is wonderful, and the dance just a touching end especially when you watch if the first time.” While of course this doesn’t take away from how he wishes that he could be with his wife Peg, BJ does feel comforted by the people he has surrounding him at this point in his life.

Peacemaker, Economos, Harcourt, Vigilante, Adebayo (Peacemaker)

While D.C. fans looked forward to James Gunn’s HBO Max series Peacemaker, no one expected the opening credits to be a dance number. Redditor Costner_Facts wrote “that opening dance number is my favorite thing ever. It brings me to tears I laugh so hard!” The dance is perfectly choreographed and performed.

Fans didn’t want to skip these opening credits as the dance is fun, quirky, and whimsical while also being somewhat intense. It adds a light-hearted feeling to the beginning of every episode. Gunn explained in an interview with Polygon, “I really wanted to do a dance number where everybody was doing something incredibly ridiculous, and looked incredibly serious while they were doing it.”

Drew Carey (The Drew Carey Show)

Redditor Rusty_Mojo_88 replied in a thread about TV characters who dance and said “The Drew Carey Show always had some good ones!” A fun fact about The Drew Carey Show is that it had two theme songs before “Cleveland Rock” in season 3. These opening credits feature a huge cast of characters performing a silly and fun dance.

Drew Carey’s character is as playful and goofy as the dance number. What works so well about this scene is that none of the characters can dance particularly well. The fact that they aren’t experts and move around so casually makes this feel natural and realistic.

David Brent (The Office U.K.)







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