Netflix Wanted To Cut Wednesday’s Darkest Lines But Creators Refused

The creators of the series Wednesday reveal that Netflix wanted them to cut some of Wednesday’s darkest lines, but they were able to salvage them for the final cut. The latest Addams Family-related reboot is the first to feature the titular character Wednesday Addams (depicted by Jenna Ortega) as the main lead.

Creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough share with IndieWire that Netflix asked them to consider cutting Wednesday’s darkest lines, but they refused and successfully made their case. Quips like “I do like stabbing. The social part, not so much,” made executives uneasy, according to the co-creators. Millar and Gough argued that the character’s macabre humour is at the essence of who she is, and ultimately the lines stayed. Millar explains:

That’s the whole point of the character. To lose that or dilute that is a betrayal of the character.

For all versions, the distinctly dark humour has long been crucial to Wednesday’s character. Without her gothic nature and sadistic tendencies, the character would be virtually unrecognisable. Furthermore, audiences and critics agree that the show’s delightful one-liners are part of what sold Ortega’s Wednesday. While Wednesday received mixed reviews for the execution of its story, Ortega’s performance has received unanimous praise and approval. Ortega set herself apart in the repeatedly rebooted role through her charisma and spot-on deadpan delivery. If she couldn’t issue a few dark one-liners, then Ortega’s Wednesday would hardly look like the character fans know and love.

Hopefully, viewers will get to imbibe more of Wednesday’s iconic lines in another season. Millar and Gough are on board and have disclosed that they’ve already mapped it out; Netflix has yet to announce whether their plans will come to fruition. The daughter of the Addams family is an undeniably iconic figure; every Halloween, people are bound to see someone in her characteristic black dress, white collar, and braided pigtails, which have been constant in every iteration. What makes this version stand out is of course Ortega’s take, and she’s even joined by Wednesday veteran Christina Ricci (who portrays Ms. Thornhill), making this series all the more special.

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