Did Jenna Ortega Really Not Blink At All In Wednesday?!

To add to her spooky nature, Jenna Ortega withheld from blinking throughout her performance as the titular character in Wednesday. From the creative mind of Tim Burton, Netflix’s Wednesday follows the eldest Addams child as she navigates social life and mysterious murders at her new school for outcasts, Nevermore Academy. With the release of Wednesday season 1, Netflix announced that fans won’t catch Ortega blinking, at Burton’s instruction. Although there are actually some moments where Ortega does blink in the show, those moments are alarmingly few and far between.

Why Jenna Ortega Hardly Blinks In Wednesday?

Jenna Ortega’s lack of blinking in Wednesday wasn’t planned from the beginning, but when she accidentally did a take without blinking several months into filming, Tim Burton was enamored with the results and insisted she continue the idea. A lack of blinking is commonplace in many of Tim Burton’s movies, including Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Dark Shadows. Part of the reason for this is that blinking is one thing that simply unsettles Tim Burton. “I don’t know why,” the director confirmed to Yahoo! when asked about his aversion to blinking, “Even when you’re mentioning it now, it freaks me out.”

How Jenna Ortega’s Lack Of Blinking Makes Sense For Wednesday

Wednesday Addams isn’t your typical human, so it makes sense that something as normal as blinking escapes her. Missing something so biologically normal — and necessary — helps to build Wednesday’s unsettling demeanor. Her relentless gaze pairs well with her ability to receive psychic visions, as very little escapes her hyper-focused stare.  It’s just a little proof that, in her weaker moments, Wednesday is still human.As a member of the Addams family, Wednesday’s odd mannerisms play a large part in who she is as a character, and Ortega is able to communicate an incredible amount throughout Wednesday without saying a word.


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