Anne Hathaway shows off her dramatic weight loss in a tiny Bikni

The actress showed off her body as she splashed around in the water with her mother in Miami.

During a trip to the beach in Miami, Anne Hathaway was photographed showing off her dramatic new look in a slinky bikini. After getting a break from filming in the UK, the actress went back to the US and spent a nice afternoon at the beach with her mother.

She walked into the water in a simple drawstring dress and oversized aviator sunglasses. She pretended not to notice the dozens of people staring at her with open mouths. As part of her role in the new movie Les Miserables, Anne was told to shave her head and lose just over a stone.

The 29-year-old actress plays a dying woman named Fantine in the famous musical, and the director told her she had less than a month to drop two dress sizes. Anne was a size ten when she started filming the sad movie last month, but she was told to lose 16 pounds in 20 days to make the scenes where her character is dying seem more real.

Author: Tayyab Aftab

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