Whose Hand Is That? Wednesday’s Thing Actor Explained

Netflix set out to tell a new story from the Addams family with Wednesday, and thanks to incredible performances, some without dialogue, or even a face, it’s a hit. Starring Jenna Ortega as the titular character, the show focuses on her life at Nevermore Academy. Ortega is supported by some standout performances from Gwendoline Christie as Principal Weems, and even the incredible Christina Ricci who played Wednesday in the early 90s.

However, among them, there is one actor who made their debut and managed to make a significant impression, despite playing just one appendage. Victor Dorobantu brought Thing to life and utilized some of his prior experience as a magician and creature performer to give character to what would otherwise be just a hand. Along with direction from Tim Burton and some computer magic, Dorobantu was able to deliver an emotional performance that was vital to moving the story forward in Wednesday.

How Wednesday Brought Thing To Life As A Disembodied Hand

Rather than going down what could arguably be the easier route and having Thing be a fully CG character, Wednesday chose to use a live actor to deliver the performance. Dorobantu has shared some of the behind-the-scenes images from his time making Wednesday, and it provides an insight into how physical the performance was, despite requiring so little of his body. Dressed entirely in a blue one-piece, Dorobantu was placed in many awkward positions around furniture and poking his hand through holes in order to create the impression of a living hand.

Additionally, makeup was used to enhance the Frankenstein-esque appearance with stitches and marks. Dorobantu then utilized his sleight of hand expertise to portray emotive movements which could deliver a range of messages and communicate effectively with just one hand. Finally, it was up to a team of editors to remove the body of Dorobantu, create a seamless skin to cover the top of the wrist and then ensure things looked consistent throughout.

Why Wednesday’s Relationship With Thing Is So Important

The role of Thing is a significant one, both for Wednesday personally and for the story’s progression as a whole. Wednesday is an extremely private girl who chooses to open herself up to as few people as possible, but Thing is evidently important to her. In Wednesday season 1, episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now,” Thing is injured and near death, this is one of the few times Wednesday is seen to have an emotional response to something, and potentially the only time she expresses sadness. This relationship provides a rare insight into the main character and shows how much she truly values the important people in her life.

Thing also acts as Wednesday’s guardian and assistant in equal parts throughout the series. When Wednesday needs help, Thing is there to provide it, and when she is acting out of line, Thing is not afraid to let her know. Thing forms a close bond with Wednesday’s roommate, Enid, and helps Wednesday to come out of her shell and make real connections with those around her. Thing is a central character in Wednesday, and Dorobantu’s handling of the role was perfect for bringing it to life.

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