Who Is Jenna Ortega? Interesting Facts About Hollywood’s Rising Star

Jenna Ortega has been getting her momentum lately. The 19-year-old Disney graduate’s recent slasher film, Scream, honors the late director Wes Craven’s legacy and puts the actress’s name forward as one of the most exciting Hollywood prospects. It ended up becoming one of the highest-grossing films of the year up to this writing, alongside the likes of The Batman, Uncharted, Death on the Nile, and more.

“It’s a continuation of the story — we’re not trying to redo anything; we’re just trying to expand the world and introduce it to an audience that may not be so familiar,” she told TheHollywood Reporter, “and also give some newfound excitement and a new look at the original characters for fans of the franchise.”

With that being said, there are still a lot of stories to tell about the young actress. She rose to prominence after starring on the Disney Channel, to which she followed it up with a few television hits like You and Yes Day. Here are some interesting facts about Jenna and what the future has in store for the rising star.

Despite Her Young Age, Jenna Ortega Already Has Many Big Films In Her Portfolio



Jenna Ortega began developing an interest in performing arts at a young age. After years of auditioning, thanks to her mother and her agent’s help, the young actress made her debut acting at the age of 10 as a guest star on the CBS sitcom Rob for an episode called “Baby Bug.” Even before making her mark on the Disney Channel, she already had acting credits in successful box office hits like Iron Man 3 and Insidious: Chapter 2. Both brought in huge numbers commercially, amassing over $1.2 billion and $161 million, respectively.

Jenna Ortega’s Work In ‘Jane the Virgin’



From 2014 to 2019, Jenna was cast as 10-year-old Jane in the iconic Jane the Virgin. She met fellow actress Gina Rodriguez, who played the titular character on the set and often cited her as one of her major influences in acting alongside Denzel Washington, Zendaya, and Dakota Fanning.

“I always get to see her on set, and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met,” she told People, “I love her so much. Every time I see her she gives me some life lesson.”

Jenna Ortega On Disney Channel



During those years, Jenna Ortega also ventured into the Disney Channel. Even so, she had her breakthrough performance as Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle between 2016 and 2018. The three-season series centers around her character as she navigates the life of living in a large family.

“I remember once that came out, rather than being stalked on the street by children or families, it was middle-aged women,” she recalled in a recent interview about her transition from the children’s channel to adult roles. “[I thought] ‘Oh wow, I’m reaching a different audience.’ You go straight from Disney to cussing and shouting. I don’t think that I had ever been in a world like that before.”

Jenna Ortega’s Recurring Role In The Second Season Of ‘You’



It’s not always easy to transition from Disney into much more adult-themed roles, but Jenna Ortega executed it perfectly in the second season of Netflix’s You. Centering around a crazed and psychotic bookstore manager Joe Goldberg, the second season takes on another thrilling saga in which Jenna plays the 15-year-old sister of Joe’s new neighbor in LA. The series itself was a massive success that oozed cultural influences. The latest and third season was just released last year without Jenna, and the show has been renewed for the fourth season.

Jenna Ortega Is An Avid Spokesperson For Human Rights

Jenna Ortega is active in donating and helping out charities, especially for LGBTQ rights, immigration rights, gun control, and discrimination. The 19-year-old movie star supported Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation back in 2016 when she attended “A Time for Heroes” family festival at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, California. She also often spoke highly and used her platform to spread the message.

What’s Does The Future Hold For Jenna Ortega?

So, what’s next for Jenna Ortega? The 19-year-old’s career is still far from its peak, but despite the fact, she’s already accumulated what any actor of her age could ever dream about. Her recent film, Scream, was a massive success, so it only makes sense if she’s now heading to her next project.

Jenna’s upcoming horror-comedy series, Wednesday, is set to be released on Netflix this year. In the same interview with Rolling Stone, the actress revealed that she had to undergo “the most physical transformation I’ve ever done; I cut my hair, and it’s black, and mannerism-wise, speaking cadence-wise, expression-wise, I’m trying to pull from a different toolbox this time around.”


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