Jenna Ortega Wasn’t Sure About The One Dance Scene She Choreographed Herself In Wednesday

Netflix has finally released the much awaited Tim Burton series Wednesday starring Hollywood’s rising star Jenna Ortega. Jenna Ortega impressively transformed into the titular character Wednesday Addams for the Netflix series Wednesday.

The series is currently Netflix’s biggest English language show, a record previously held by Stranger Things. The story follows the teenage life of Addams Family’s Wednesday who was forced to attend the boarding school for the outcasts with supernatural powers called Nevermore Academy.

The academy is the place where she will try to master her psychic abilities while solving the mysterious happenings involving her parents that took place about 25 years ago. The series is filled with much-talked-about scenes but most especially, Wednesday Addams’ precious moments on the school dance.

The rising star has perfectly embodied the character and recently made headlines after her iconic dance at the series went viral.

Following a pretty strong debut, it’s not surprising that her dance went viral. The trending dance routine was shown on the fourth episode of the series titled ‘Woe What a Night’. Despite going viral, Ortega had hesitations on the dance that she choreographed.

Netflix Series Wednesday’s Massive Popularity

The Addams Family went from gracing the cartoon section of a newspaper to TV and now the streaming service Netflix. It has been bringing laughter to the audience while simultaneously giving scare to the viewers.

As soon as it was announced that The Addams Family from the 90s would have spinoff focusing on the iconic character of the sadistic Wednesday Addams, fans have started gushing about it.

Netflix initially reached out to filmmaker Tim Burton for the forthcoming series Wednesday. After the deal behind the scenes was finally sealed, the series was announced to the public last February 2021.The show will revolve around the coming-of-age of Addams’ daughter Wednesday. After a year of waiting, the series was now released on Netflix.

The eight episode series became a massive hit as soon as it was released with its refreshing concept of entertainment for the viewers. The combination of the offbeat dark humor of the Addams family with Tim Burton’s expertise and Ortega’s refreshing portrayal of the classic character made it a great series overall.

The Dance That Took Over The Internet

Numerous influencers online are making their own versions of Wednesday Addams’ dance. The dance came from the fourth episode of the series which is about the Nevermore’s annual event called Rave’N Dance.

Initially, Wednesday was not supposed to go to the annual event as she planned to stake out the Hyde’s cave with Eugene. Things did not go as planned since she was secretly set up by Thing to attend the event with her romantic interest, Tyler.

She ended up going but instead of attending the dance wearing white, she is dressed in gothic black dress. In addition to attending the event reluctantly, Tyler even asked her to dance. Everyone else is wearing white, but that did not stop her from showing her pretty impressive moves at the dance floor.

Donned in a splendid vintage black gown, Wednesday decided to hit the dance floor to show her dance moves. She performed the bizarre gothic dance to the tune of The Cramp’s 1981 song Goo Goo Muck.

Initially, the students of Nevermore were shocked at the sudden performance of Ortega’s smart yet sarcastic character. Eventually, they warmed up to it and ended up loving the performance. Ortega definitely pulled off the dance routine she created.

Wednesday seemed confident while dancing, but Ortega revealed that she was insecure about the whole thing. The show directed by the iconic filmmaker Tim Burton has shown the world the impressive dancing skills of Jenna Ortega.

Jenna Ortega Felt Insecure About The Dance Routine She Choreographed

Jenna Ortega revealed in one of her interviews that she was hands-on in bringing the idiosyncratic dance of Wednesday Addams to life. Ortega has always acted her whole life, and she was neither a dancer nor a choreographer.

Ortega admitted that she felt like the dance moves just show that she’s not great in dancing. Needless to say, she wasn’t confident in the choreography of the dance but her co-stars eliminated her skepticism as they were impressed with her moves.

Ortega’s fellow cast members assured her that the dance scene was amazing and fantastic. They went on to tell her that it’s among their favorite and the internet surely agrees.

The spooky dance choreography got its inspiration from the ’80s goth clubs and the 1960s Addams Family sitcom. The dance routine paid homage to Wednesday’s father, Gomez. She also incorporated the infamous watusi dance of Christina Ricci’s character Wednesday from the Addams Family sitcom.

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