Wednesday Season 2 Can Fix The Show’s Addams Family “Mistake”

Wednesday has been hugely successful on Netflix, but there is one mistake in the new Addams Family reimagining that can be fixed in season 2. Tim Burton’s Wednesday takes the characters back to the original cartoons by Charles Addams, with the series focusing on Wednesday Addams in her teenage years. Starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Wednesday also features Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, Luis Guzmán as Gomez, and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, as well as plenty of new characters to The Addams Family world.

Wednesday’s journey sees her uncover a darker history behind her parents’ schooldays and audiences get to see a young Morticia and Gomez (Gwen Jones and Lucius Hoyos). However, despite this plot line, the rest of the Addams family do not appear in Wednesday much at all. Morticia and Gomez’s plot line is a big part of Wednesday’s journey but does not span over many episodes, and Pugsley is shown even less. Wednesday season 1 rounded up with the Nevermore students returning home at the end of the semester, so season 2 could show more of Wednesday’s life at home with the family before returning, or the family could become more involved at the academy.

Why The Addams Family Is Hardly In Wednesday

The rest of the Addams Family does not feature prominently in Wednesday because the show is focused on her journey. Previous adaptations have been about The Addams Family as a whole, but Tim Burton wanted to create a new take on the story. The rest of the Addams do feature and are important for the plot, but the narrative relies on their secrecy and Wednesday’s sleuthing to develop. Plus, with The Addams Family being such a renowned concept, Wednesday does not need to show the characters or their relationships as much because they are familiar, and more attention can be paid to introducing the other Nevermore characters instead.

Why Wednesday Season 2 Should Have More Of The Addams Family

However, season 2 of Wednesday should have more of the Addams Family, especially now Wednesday’s life at Nevermore, and the other characters have been set up. Wednesday has plenty of options to expand the show’s scope and develop the other Addams Family characters even further, even introducing the missing members of the Addams family, like Grandmama and Cousin Itt. With the now vacant position of Principal at the academy, and Pugsley getting older, the Addams could be coming to Nevermore. Morticia is a highly respected alum, and it would make sense for the rest of the family to come with her if she landed the job.

Including more of the Addams family in Wednesday would allow Wednesday’s character to develop more as well. Although Wednesday had a strained relationship with her family in season 1, there were big developments that showed how close they all are. Plus, Uncle Fester’s (Fred Armisen) appearance in season 1 is the only time Wednesday truly smiled showing how close Wednesday actually is to her family. Wednesday is very independent and has a strong sense of self, but the Addams Family is known for being very loving and supportive of each other. Season 2 of Wednesday including more of the Addams family would create new opportunities to explore Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams and fix season 1’s mistake.

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