Wednesday Has A Serious Love Interest Problem (But Season 2 Can Fix It)

The new Tim Burton show Wednesday premiered on Netflix with great reviews; however, Wednesday’s love interests Xavier and Tyler are a problem season 2 must solve. Wednesday centers around Wednesday Addams as she is sent to her parent’s alma mater in the hopes that she would fit in with peers who share her supernatural abilities. Wednesday is an iconic character. She’s weird, morbid, independent and indifferent to others’ opinions. While these personality traits may not seem like compliments, they are admirable when combined with Wednesday’s intelligence and love for her family. That being said, any boy Wednesday may be interested in must meet impossibly high standards, and the show failed to deliver.

While Wednesday managed to break Tim Burton’s rating streak, it failed to deliver in the romance department. The issue with the Xavier and Tyler love triangle was that they were too dull for Wednesday, which made it feel unrealistic and somewhat forced. Even Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday in the new Netflix show, said she was never a fan of the love triangle. Nevertheless, Wednesday smashed Netflix’s viewership record, meaning the show will likely be picked up for multiple seasons. So if the writers have a chance to fix season 1’s failed attempt at romance, perhaps they’ll do it by introducing a new love interest for Wednesday.

Xavier And Tyler Are Both Too Bland For Wednesday

The issue with Xavier and Tyler is that for most of the season, their sole purpose was to be Wednesday’s love interest. It wasn’t until later in the season they were given some depth and interest. Xavier had his visions and Hyde connection, and Tyler was the monster Wednesday was hunting all along. These characteristics can make the two compelling love interests, but their storylines were barely touched on. Wednesday has many personality quirks, but being boy-crazy isn’t one of them. Wednesday doesn’t care about just anyone, so if a boy is going to catch her attention, he must, at the very least, be unique.

Wednesday Season 2 Should Introduce A New Love Interest

The cast and showrunners of Wednesday expressed their interest in doing a season 2, and if the show is going to return, they need to introduce new characters. Aside from the Addams family, Bianca, and some minor characters, the show lacked diversity; season 2 of Wednesday would provide the opportunity to fix two problems. The showrunners can cast a person of color to play Wednesday’s new love interest and/or cast someone who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community. Wednesday is one of many queer-coded characters the LGBTQ+ community found representation in, so perhaps making Wednesday part of the queer community is a better direction for season 2.

Another direction the writers can go in is focusing more on Wednesday and her roommate Enid’s relationship because, as Ortega told Screen Rant, “Everyone knows that super sunny, happy person and that super dark, depressing person. When they get together, there’s something really relatable and beautiful about it.” Some fans are already shipping the pair together, but even focusing on just their friendship next season would be a step up from season 1’s dry love triangle. Ortega has already made changes to Wednesday’s character, so making her canonically bisexual, pansexual, or even asexual is a possibility. Maybe Wednesday season 2 could focus on Wednesday exploring her sexuality and focusing on herself rather than forcing an overdone romantic trope on a one-of-a-kind character.

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