Is Jenna Ortega Really Playing The Cello In Wednesday?

Audiences may be surprised to learn that Jenna Ortega does actually play the cello in Wednesday, despite having no prior experience with the instrument. Available for streaming on Netflix, the Tim Burton-led show is based on the cult classic The Addams Family, which was first adapted for TV in 1964. In Wednesday, Jenna Ortega’s version of Wednesday Addams is incredibly multi-talented: she fences, dances, practices martial arts, does archery, speaks German, writes, solves puzzles, and plays the cello. Ortega had to deliver on the various skills that Wednesday demonstrates throughout the show, and her hard work in preparation for filming certainly paid off.

Being cast over a Zoom call with Tim Burton while on set for the film X, Jenna Ortega tells Teen Vogue that she originally thought that she was being “pranked” by the iconic director’s interest in her for the role. Facing the pressures of the franchise’s history and legacy, Christina Ricci’s “flawless” execution of Wednesday, as well as audience’s love for the character, Ortega felt “panic” while preparing for the role. Ortega’s self-declared “dry” humor, however, and the mannerisms that she developed for the role became an asset in her interpretation of Wednesday, and is ultimately a testament to the talent and potential she has as a dramatic actor.

How Long Jenna Ortega Trained To Play The Cello For Wednesday

Although Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega only had a few months between being cast as Wednesday and shooting the show, she picked up the basics of the instrument quickly to be able to at least provide an accurate visual image of cello-playing for the role. In an “Auto-Complete Interview” with Wired on YouTube, Ortega states that her cello-training began roughly two months before shooting for Wednesday started. She also shared a sneak peek into what her training was like through social media since the show’s release.

Every Song Wednesday Performed On Her Cello

Wednesday plays the cello a few times throughout the series, beginning with a montage in episode 1 that introduces her mastery of the instrument with the song “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones. In episode 3, when Mayor Walker unveils the new Crackstone statue in the town square in Jericho, Wednesday joins the Jericho High School band to play another rock classic “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. Moments later, when the statue goes up in flames, Wednesday plays “Winter” by Vivaldi as the rest of the town scatters.

In the latter half of the series, Wednesday switches to more classical music. In episode 6, Wednesday is seen practicing the cello, this time playing “Cello Concerto in E minor” by Elgar. The addition of these meta-diegetic musical moments in Netflix’s Wednesday both pays homage to the musical elements of previous renditions of The Addams Family, and adds a cherry on top of the soundtrack of Wednesday season 1.

Wednesday Makes A Big Mistake With The Cello

However, eagle-eyed viewers may notice that the score in front of Wednesday in the cello montage in episode 1 is not actually the score of The Rolling Stones’s “Paint It Black,” but Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, which is what Ortega actually learned to play for the scene. Moreover, the staccato notes in the “Paint It Black” cover that is laid over the soundtrack for the montage sequence requires plucking rather than bowing of the cello strings. The discrepancies between the visual imagery and the soundtrack certainly are no fault of Ortega’s, but should not be overlooked for a production of Tim Burton’s and Netflix’s caliber.

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