I work as a midwife, and the majority of new mothers are unaware of what we do after we deliver a baby.

No matter how well we think we’ve prepared for the arrival of our child, there are always going to be surprises. Our midwives, who are there to accompany moms throughout the way by offering them these unusual ideas and practises, cannot be said to be the same. We wrote about the new mother Shelby’s claim that her infant smelled like shampoo before getting a bath last month. The cause, which she later addressed in a video broadcast to TikTok by saying the midwives “use it as lubricant,” astonished her. To support moms throughout labour and delivery, midwives frequently use their own unique approaches that are not used by all hospitals.

The co-founder of the wellness line Mummy’s Organics and consulting independent midwife Odette Abououf said: “Your midwife may feel that your perineum is not extending around your baby’s head. To encourage the area to stretch, she can decide to apply lubricant or gently stretch your perineum while wearing gloves.

In an interview with Fabulous, midwife Pip Davies says: “The day your baby is born- so much more than just one day in your life. Lifelong memories are made during childbirth, and it may even influence how easily you transition into parenting.

“Your midwife has a whole bag of tricks and tips to assist you and your baby as you go through labour and delivery, and I believe that ALL of these tips and tricks will work.”

The same muscles that you need to urinate are also used to push your baby out, according to Pip.

Therefore, simulating this natural position is quite helpful in ensuring that you push successfully and bring your baby as low as possible with each effort. According to Midwife Marley’s Guide author and midwife Marley Hall, women can and frequently do urinate while giving delivery.

We frequently have to remove poop before my mother or my spouse even notice what’s occurring, she says. On the same note, there are a few methods that midwives can use to assist you feel at ease and comfortable. The use of aromatherapy oils in labour and delivery rooms is becoming more widespread.

Author: Seebal Rana

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