How To Rock A Fringe Like Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway sure does give good fringe, doesn’t she? Whether full, to the side, wispy or in curtain form, the girl has bangs down to a tee. After showing off a ’60s bouffant that paid homage to Jean Shrimpton last week, Hathaway made her full fringe a focal point at an event in Los Angeles.

As chic as they come, Hathaway’s fringe expertly tows the line between a wispy and full style and curtain bangs. The cut effortlessly frames her face and was styled with a gentle tousled wave through the ends, alongside an adequate amount of lived-in texture. Joining some of her other pitch-perfect fringes in the Hathaway hair gallery of fame – from a recent Andie-inspired (The Devil Wears Prada) choppy look to her side-swept French girl bangs from last year – the new look offers excellent inspiration for the season ahead.

“Anne Hathaway is never afraid to go there with a look,” says Luke Hersheson, “she is the reason why I don’t subscribe to the idea that your face shape should dictate your haircut – she’s able to pull off a fairly graphic fringe.” Despite being graphic and a rather strong cut, Hersheson says the reason it works so well is because it’s turned into a “slanted curtain bang” at the sides, which gives it a certain sense of softness.

Thinking of getting a fringe chopped in? If you decide yes, work with your hairstylist on finding the right shape for you and your face shape – there is a style and shape for everyone. Meanwhile, it also pays to understand how to style it properly – a fringe is undoubtedly more high maintenance than layers. Seek out a round brush and lift the hair up and around while drying it from above and you should avoid any flatness and achieve optimal volume.


Author: Tayyab Aftab

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