Why Some Mothers Don’t Fall Madly, Deeply In Love With Their Newborns

Imagine going through excruciating pain only to see and hold your newborn. It’s one of those memories you’ll cherish always, don’t you think? Okay, no! The likelihood is that you will either be heavily medicated or drowsy after giving birth. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why some new mothers find it difficult to feel attachment for their babies. Many additional things play a part in making you doubt your mothering skills in addition to the delivery procedure. Does that then make you a terrible mother? Definitely NOT. About 40% of new mothers say they were only ambivalent when they first saw their infant.

1. They Aren’t the Same Person Anymore

A new mother can be faced with the startling realisation that the moment her baby was born, her entire life changed. In the wake of becoming a mother, they have changed her social status, personal history, and potential. They may be confused and scared by the speed at which everything changed.

2. Baby Blues May Be Developing

3. The Effects Of Childbirth Remain With Them

4. Their past experiences may have hampered them.

5. A Differing Level Of Expectations

6. Slow Bonding Is Totally Ordinary

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Author: Seebal Rana

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