20 Babies Who Surprisingly Look Older Than You

Garrett R. Griffin has a very logical explanation for why so many babies look old for their age. He says that both babies and older people have too much skin for their bones. This means that all that extra skin has nowhere to attach to, so it hangs loose and forms wrinkles. These wrinkles are only temporary, so we don’t feel bad laughing at these babies who look like our cranky uncle who always talks about how things were different when he was young.

1. If you see Mom and Dad giving each other a kiss on the lips:

2. Like your grouchy next door neighbor…

3. The old man who always gripes about how much coffee costs these days

4. Norwegian baby’s first look at the rest of the world

5. “Mom, why do we need so many of these?”

6. How happy each grandpa is when his grandchildren come to visit

7. the selfie game to the core

8. Too young to be balding.

9. “Nobody’s laughing at the jokes you make, Grandma.”

10. When your kid is the spitting image of Danny DeVito:

11. Last night was very strange.

12. What do you mean the milk from Mama is gone?

13. “Take me inside where it’s warm, please.”

14. “Who’s seen my teeth?”

15. A 50-year-old man’s forehead

16. uncle who laughs and makes jokes by himself

17. The look you give your mother when she says she’ll make broccoli and radishes for dinner

18. Nobody looks pretty when they wake up.

19. “You kids, get off of my property!”

20. It was much happier in the womb…

Have you ever seen a baby who looked like your uncle when he was in his forties? Please give us more information in the comments.

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Author: Seebal Rana

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