Why Is Back Sleeping Recommended For Babies?

The Best And Worst Sleeping Positions For Babies

Lie on your back

When taking naps, taking short rests, and sleeping at night, healthy newborns who were delivered at full term should be placed on their backs.

Lay on your side.

Babies shouldn’t sleep on their sides because doing so could result in their turning over and increasing their risk of SIDS.

A Baby’s Safe Sleep: 11 Tips

The best position for babies under one year of age who are healthy is to sleep on their backs. However, taking a few extra precautions to ensure your infant sleeps safely might be beneficial.

Avoid loose bedding: For your baby, a solid mattress is preferable to an excessively soft mattress, waterbed, or sofa. The use of bumper pads, pillows, soft bedding, or plush animals near a baby in a crib is discouraged by experts. Simply said, it’s not a good idea to put anything over a baby’s head or face while they’re sleeping.
simplify the crib: Avoid placing wedges, comforters, or blankets underneath a baby in a crib. So that he can’t wriggle beneath the bedding, let the baby sleep with his feet touching the bottom of the cot. Use a clean, firm mattress that is well-suited for the cot, and tuck the sheets tightly in. The crib’s sides or ends need to be tall.

Infants should sleep in light clothing to prevent overheating: Refrain from overbundling and make sure the baby is not too hot to touch.
Good sleeping conditions: It’s crucial to keep the baby in a cool sleeping environment, with a temperature of about 20 °C.

As a convenient breastfeeding and contact option, you can keep the baby in the same room as you. It is ideal for parents to be able to easily access the baby’s crib.

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