Share Your Shocking News About The Single Mom Who Had Three Babies In A Year

Single Mom Delivered Three Babies in a Year; Share Her Shocking Information

In 2020, Washington state resident Stephanie Hansen, a single mother, gave birth to three little girls. They are not triplets, either. This instance is unusual.

She gave birth to a girl, whom she named Daphne, on January 28, 2020. But 94 days (or three months) later, she received some news that was rather unexpected. Hansen was indeed pregnant—again.

Because Hansen was in a fresh relationship, the news of the second pregnancy really shocked him. And even that wasn’t the biggest shock. An ultrasound performed three weeks later revealed that she was this time carrying twins.

She quickly became accustomed to raising a newborn while simultaneously adjusting to being pregnant once more, this time with multiples. She was terrified, but she was overjoyed when God mysteriously and unexpectedly gave her angels. If the children’s father is not there, do not conceal the second pregnancy. She was to continue caring for her kids with joy and openness.

Hansen was also aware of the difficulties involved in raising three young children. Prior to Daphne turning one, she was apprehensive about having her first child because she had to be the twins’ sister.

However, towards the end of 2020, things appeared to be improving. Less than a year after welcoming Daphne, Hansen welcomed Rubie and Penelope on December 8. The adorable twin sisters, who were a healthy 6 and 7 lbs each, were delivered at 37 weeks. All of the kids were under the age of one.

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