10 Babies Who Appear to Have Too Much Life Experience

One thing that both old people and babies have in common is that they have far too much skin for their facial bones. As a result, the skin eventually becomes sagging, and babies appear older than they are. However, this is just temporary because as they age, their bones develop and tighten the skin over them. But it’s still amusing to observe babies who appear to be on their way to receiving their pension.

1. “A sceptic newborn”

2. “I’ve had this for ten years, waiting to locate my people.”

3. The hairline has already retired.

4. “This will always be my favourite photograph of my newborn child.”

5. “My best friend’s kid often seems to be wondering if retirement can come soon enough.”

6. “A middle-aged man on his way to a job he despises…”

7. “A century-old man’s forehead and hairline”

8. “I believe this little one is ready to retire.”

9. “Reminisce about when my baby was a month old. He was quite judgmental.”

10. “I’m still alive, but I’m not happy about it.”



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Author: Seebal Rana

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