20 Hilariously Amusing Pictures That Prove You Can Have A Good Laugh Anytime, Anywhere

#1. These gingerbread men

#2. This tent looked a lot bigger on the website

#3. Car parked in San Francisco being put to the test

#4. Found a baby picture of Felix. just us looking confused

#5. Nice head massage

#6. I tried to make my husband cookies for his birthday

#7. I present my Die Hard ornament. It has a hole for a light. My favorite decoration I’ve made

#8. I guess I’m not very good at drawing

#9. At The Piano Guys in concert in DC my son couldn’t stay awake. Still got a picture with the guys!

#10. My girlfriend going reverse Pisa meta

#11. My picture versus my wife’s picture

#12. There is a flashing man on my butter

#13. Found in it’s natural habitat, the Meier parking lot

#14. Someone tried rebuilding a keyboard

#15. My friend was spooked when he saw this in his office’s parking lot. I love people with two humorous doggos

#16. High scam at the dollar store

#17. The mask that came with my Batman costume…

#18. By the powers of procrastinating, I sorted my Cheetos from largest to smallest

#19. I can finally be cheap on tips! Ha!

#20. They see me rollin…

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Author: Seebal Rana

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