20 Hilarious Photos Of Parents Before And After Having Kids

#1. Mood’s alternation

#2. Yes being parents

#3. From namaste to take me away!

#4. Can her go back?

#5. From lifting weights to dead weight. Who’s the dumbbell now?

#6. From poppin’ bottles to dropping bottom lips

#7. From sexy French maid to just regular old maid

#8. From poolside to double-wide

#9. From rocking some hot pink to getting her gut poked. These kids have no shame!

#10. From raised up to passed out

#11. From Snow White to Grumpy (for obvious reasons)

#12. From he got game to this is so lame

#13. From looking cool to being a step stool

#14. From arms up to MAN DOWN! Look at that faceplant. Even her kid is impressed!

#15. The baby is smiling instead.

#16. Dog has to help.

#17. From duckface to YUCKface.

#18. From running marathons to running after a half-naked toddler before he pees everywhere

#19. From so focused and organized and together to googling “what day is it?” and “can parenthood kill you?”

#20. From champ to chump!

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Author: Seebal Rana

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