Jessica Alba Once Considered Getting Plastic Surgery to Be Like Everyone Else in Hollywood

Actor Jessica Alba has never been a fan of cosmetic surgery. But despite her reservations, the actor once admitted there was a point she considered going under the knife.

Jessica Alba felt it was important to show her children that everyone does not look the same

Celebrities of all genders, shapes, and backgrounds are sometimes pressured to look a certain way to appeal to their fanbase. Their appearances often have the ability to influence several of their young and impressionable fans.

Being a celebrity, Alba understood this as much as anyone else. And because of her experiences in the industry, Alba decided to keep a close eye on the celebrities her children follow online. It’s not only to make sure her children are following positive role-models, however. But it’s also to make sure they’re following all types of different celebrities.

“I make sure that she has a diverse enough group of people and I’ll unfollow if she has too many of the people who have completely unrealistic beauty standards,” Alba once told Women’s Health. “If you get fed enough of that information, it brainwashes you.”

Alba, who has three children, felt it was important to teach them the significance and advantages that came from diversity. To Alba, not everyone in Hollywood, or the world of celebrity in general, needed to look the same.

“Confidence is always the most beautiful thing,” she continued. “It’s not a certain skin tone or skin texture or hair style or features. I try to show [my kids] all different kinds of people and how cool it is that not everyone looks the same, because how boring would our world be?”

Jessica Alba once considered getting plastic surgery to be like everyone else

This pressure to look the same as everyone else in the industry once almost compromised Alba’s beliefs as well. Unlike other celebrities, Alba has never gone under the knife for cosmetic reasons. She believed it was better to embrace the natural process of aging.

“I hate the idea of trying to freeze time,” she once told GQ (via Contact Music). “I believe in growing old as nature intended and, if the movie roles dry up as a result, then so be it.”

But there was a period in time when Alba considered sacrificing a bit of her individuality in favor of surgery.

“Though I was talking to my girlfriend about this and I was beginning to think I need a nose job to be like everyone else. It’s nuts how many nose jobs are going on here [Hollywood] at the moment,” she said.

Jessica Alba once shared she didn’t rule out plastic surgery

Another reason Alba was against going under the knife was because she felt it interfered with a person’s ability to act. In a resurfaced interview with Elle (via China Daily), Alba theorized that plastic surgery restricted facial expressions needed for an actor’s performance.

“As an actress, you express emotion with your face and if you have plastic surgery, you lose that spark. I’m not going to say never for sure, though,” she said.

But she shared becoming a mother might be the only thing that would convince the actor to try a cosmetic procedure.

“I don’t know if, for example, having babies will stretch my stomach beyond what is acceptable,” she added.


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