Does Lino die in From Scratch? (What happens to Lino in From Scratch?)

Netflix has truly outdone itself with its newest limited series From Scratch, a beautiful cross-cultural love story told across an eight-episode season that is so eloquently crafted.

The series follows Amy, an American student studying abroad in Italy chasing her dream to become an artist whose life is forever changed when she bumps into a charming Sicilian chef, Lino, during her time in the city. While she at first pushes him away while pursuing another suitor, fate has other plans and the two are quickly drawn back to one another.

Once they finally give in to their feelings, the pair find themselves swept up into a whirlwind romance as Lino moves back to the US and the pair chase their dreams. However, when life throws an unexpected curveball their way in the form of an unimaginable health challenge, the pair’s bond is tested in new ways.

Does Lino die in From Scratch?

If you’ve just begun watching From Scratch, chances are your curiosity has been piqued due to the way in which the series begins. In the opening shot of the premiere, we see a teary-eyed Amy wandering into her kitchen where she is hit with a wave of flashbacks before picking up a brown journal sitting on the counter. As she picks the journal up, we flashback to the beginning of Amy and Lino’s story as the series dives into the pair’s relationship and emotional love story.

The scene seems to be used to foreshadow what’s to come and creates a lot of curiosity among viewers early on regarding what will happen to Lino.

Sadly the moment did indeed foreshadow a tragic end to Lino and Amy’s relationship as the opening scene takes place at the end of the couple’s story after Lino passes away. Yes, Lino sadly dies in From Scratch, and trust us when we say his death is going to hit you like a ton of bricks even though it’s foreshadowed in the very first scene of the series.

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