Premier League 2022–2023: Everything you need to know as the new season begins

The biggest change is that each team can now make five changes per game instead of just three.

When football started again in 2020 after the first Covid lockdown, the Premier League added the rule for the rest of the 2019–20 season.

While most other leagues and Uefa tournaments in Europe kept five substitutes, English football went back to three.

Now, a bench of nine players will be able to make five changes. Teams can use their five substitutes three times, plus once at halftime. After that, no more substitutions can be made.

In another change, the Premier League will start using a system with more than one ball to speed up the game when the ball is not in play.

There will be a total of ten balls on the field: the match ball, one with the fourth official, and eight on cones next to a “ball assistant” around the field.

There are also plans for games to be moved because players are missing, but the Premier League will look at each team’s request individually.

“Approval will only be given if a player’s absence has a truly exceptional effect on a club’s squad and if the club has taken all reasonable steps to avoid having to make the application,” it says.

Also, there’s a new ball…

they were kicked out of the Premier League in 1998-99, it’s been 23 years since Nottingham Forest has been there.

It took them 8,414 days and 1069 league and play-off games, including a 1-0 win over Huddersfield at Wembley in May, to get back to the top. No team has ever spent more time in the Championship before coming back to the Premier League.

Promotion for Nottingham Forest
Nottingham Forest was the first team to win the European Cup and then drop to the third-tier league in their own country.
The other two teams coming up have been in the top league more recently.

Scott Parker and Fulham, who were kicked out of the Premier League in 2020-21, are back in it now, but not together.

Under Marco Silva, Fulham won the Championship and moved up to the Premier League for the fifth year in a row when they were named champions.

Parker moved from Craven Cottage to Bournemouth last June. He helped the Cherries, who were in the Premier League until 2020, move up to second place.

One familiar team, Burnley, won’t be there, though. It will be the first time since 2015-16 that Burnley won’t be in the Premier League. Norwich and Watford both lost their leagues after only one season.

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